Funny concepts for Marketing Students

19 Oct


1. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say: “I am very rich. “Marry me!” – “That’s Direct Marketing”.

2. You’re at a party with a bunch of friends and see a gorgeous girl. One of your friends goes up to her and pointing at you says: “He’s very rich. “Marry him.” -“That’s Advertising”.

3. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and get her telephone number. The next day, you call and say: “Hi, I’m very rich. “Marry me – “That’s Telemarketing”.

4. You’re at a party and see gorgeous girl. You get up and straighten your tie, you walk up to her and pour her a drink, you open the door (of the car) for her, pick up her bag after she drops it, offer her ride and then say: “By the way, I’m rich. Will you “Marry Me?” – “That’s Public Relations”.

5. You’re at a party and see gorgeous girl. She walks up to you and says:”You are very rich! “Can you marry ! me?” – “That’s Brand Recognition”.

6. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say: “I am very rich. Marry me!” She gives you a nice hard slap on your face. – “That’s Customer Feedback”.

7. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say: “I am very rich. Marry me!” And she introduces you to her husband. – “That’s demand and supply gap” .

8. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and before you say anything, another person come and tell her: “I’m rich. Will you marry me?” and she goes with him – “That’s competition eating into your market share” .

9. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and before you say: “I’m rich, Marry me!” your wife arrives. – “That’s restriction for entering new markets”.

10, You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say, “Let’s dance”. You show her the moves. You take her on unassuming dates on bicycle, talk a lot, dance some more. Slowly, she realizes you’re rich. By the time you say “Will you marry me?”, she’s been waiting for it. – “That’s Content Marketing”.

What Indian advertisements taught me .. !!!


1. Kareena has dandruff problem, Katrina has dry hair problem, Shilpa has hairfall problem and Priyanka has chip-chip.

2. If you’ve a hot wife make sure your neighbor doesn’t use a deodorant in your absence.

3. Your complexion is more important than your qualifications.

4. If there is no salt in your kitchen you can use Toothpaste.

5. Every second oral care brand is No. 1 and recommended by every dentist in India!!!

6. If your daughter is not Ready to Get married, take her to a jewelry/textile shop.

7. Only reason why men use deodorant is to get girls.

8. Most colas cure all kinds of phobias. You will be close to a superman, if you drink these regularly!!

9. All superstars are so poor that they prefer to risk life for a cool drink than to purchase it for Rs:10

10. The special effects in shampoo ads are greater than special effects in Avatar.

11. Fruit content in shampoo, soap is more than fruit content in 99% of people.

12. Amul has better satirical cartoonists than people who make better milk products.

13. Most people buy vehicles to travel in bad roads but complain about roads in India.

14. You can’t eat Dairy Milk Silk without spreading it all over you face.

15. Nobody uses motorbikes for commuting, its only to pick up girls.

16. All soaps kill 99.9% of germs.

17. People believe that Bacardi makes music CD’s and Directors special/Kingfisher make mineral water.

18. If you have got an insurance policy, your wife and children would be happy after you die.

19. Your mother would really feel great if you come home after taking a mud-bath because, Stain is good.

20. The only time mothers and daughters talk to each other, it’s usually about hair oil.

21. Swapping your cellphones with your Mom or Wife can create a sense of mutual understanding.

22. Every other car is No. 1 according to their satisfied customers.

23. No matter what kind of expert one is, he’ll always wear a white laboratory coat.

24. The worst think to happen to a human being is to have dark complexioned skin.

25. A girl can become the Miss World or the next Indian Idol only if she uses a particular fairness cream.

26. You only need a deodorant with a good fragrance to approach a girl, and not the guts.

27. You will have clear skin forever, only by splashing the water on your face dramatically.

28. Having Rajnigandha Pan Masala can make you buy countries.

29. We can change a nation’s problems by just drinking a cup of tea. Thanks to the Jaago Re.

And, finally this




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