Who is the Vivek Raja Sekar ?

I, vivek ( I’m I, I’ll be I, Till I die.. ) a person with strong marketing skills and have the ability to get along well with people. I enjoy challenges and always look for creative solutions to a problem.
What I want, I will work for. What I need, I will fight for. What I love, I will die for ..

Why I’m ?

I’ve learned a lot for more than four years as marketer, and just about as long as an entrepreneur. It occurred to me I can help others shorten their learning curve by sharing my experiences here. I’ve made the mistakes, the research, the fixes, and now find myself in a place where I can share the lessons learned.

As a Marketer I empathize with you because I’m one of you. I don’t design from an ivory tower. I understand your budget, and your schedule, and that you want need results. But I also empathize with your customers, so I concern myself with the practicalities of execution and usability. I’m a creative left-brainer, pragmatic right-brainer, and believe complex problems often benefit from simple solutions. I use my attention to detail, empathy, and skills to define a brand, strategize marketing, and engage with a target audience.

As an Entrepreneur and Marketer, I know what it’s like to do what you do. I’ve dealt with perennial low budgets. As a result, I’ve become pretty resourceful at business development and marketing on a shoestring. I know your resources are limited, and approach my work as a partner, sensitive to your budget constraints.

All this means I write about effective, affordable solutions, but I don’t compromise on quality, nor recommend shady practices.

Let’s keep in touch ..

Explore and subscribe to my blog, and let’s share this journey.
In my spare time, you can find me riding a bike, preferably in one of bike racing trails.


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